Fishing AreaRulesOwnerCusShpConMore Info
7Seas Fishing HeadquartersThe original 7Seas fishing area! Drop by to see our dock designs, aquariums, and catch Flotsam Beach customs.Seven ShikamiMore Info
A0 Aux taquineurs de goujonsZone de pêche dans un cadre bucolique et amicalArlequin CarterMore Info
A1 So Silly Interactive Toys, Gadgets & GesturesWin ULTRARARE + Many More Custom Prizes from So Silly valued in the thousands of Lindens!kiki ChaikaMore Info
Ailis Fishing Beach Aili Kuhn 
Alexis Isle's Pier Stacylew84 Resident 
All Breedable Prim Pets Fishing area draven Denver 
Amaretto Ranch BoomtownAmaretto Ranch Boomtown! For Amaretto Ranch Breeders to hang out, chat, fish, dance and have a good down home time.Josaphine Cooperstone 
AMaster'sEye Fishing AreaTorvaldsland themed fishing area at the ::A Master's Eye:: main store.Katanya MistralMore Info
AMERICAN EAGLErp city track fishing club games stores house rentalspearl Boxen 
Antoblin Italian fishing paradiseDo you like to fish? do it in a relaxing corner of paradise. NEW AREA! With us you fish and make friends..MarcAnthony Gothly 
Aquafront Allthatnme Resident 
Aquila BeachA tropical steampunk island with fishing and surfing.Polenth Yue 
Armstrong Park PierArmstrong Park is a beautiful park with lots of places to relax and enjoy the Mardi Gras sim.Kemijah Renegade 
Artemis Bay 7Seas Fishing Merlyn Hern 
Baths of Barsoom7Seas Fishing Area, owned by MatharaG0rlusMathar ResidentMore Info
Bay City Canal FishingFish the canals of Bay City in Imaginario! All are welcome!Marianne McCann 
Bay City Park PlazaBay City Park Plaza Apartments. PG SimRoc PlutonianMore Info
Beyond Vanilla FishingBeyond Vanilla is an Adult sim. No Children Allowed. Be sure to be wearing clothing when you TP in.Karlee Heartsong 
BikerParties DocksThe SETITES 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly customs fish and please no Child AV's and no Biteing Vampires.Batista BardaschMore Info
Black Shark ReefBlack Shark Reef, Tropical Island, Club and Fishing Spot. Come enjoy the music, the laid back atmosphere and the fun!Maximillian Desoto 
Blackrock Castle Anaiee Rae 
Bluefish Bay KittyCatS! Market Navaar Resident 
Boardgame Beach Aries Oh 
Castaway Paradise - MarcellCustom items and great shopping. Please read websitefishing TOS before fishing.Kitsune LassiterMore Info
Castaway Paradise Shopping - MakaluCustom items and great shopping. Please read website fishing TOS before fishing.Kitsune LassiterMore Info
CC's Playland ParkCC's Prize Pond -Catch over 1300 custom fishy toys from Celeste Cazenove!Celeste CazenoveMore Info
Chef's House CreekJust a nice place to hang and fish with the occasional contest - xeolife friendlySteele Wilder 
China Beach @ Veterans IsleWelcome to China Beach Veterans Isle. Code of Conduct atop Contest Board (NO Explosive Rods please). Sandbox available.USMVCassistingmgr Resident 
Clam Bake7SEAS FISHINGfirehorse66 Resident 
Clockhaven Aquarium, New Babbage Aberdon Enigma 
Cloud Dancer Airfield, Seaplane Port, and MarinaBeautiful coastal Fly-in location with a beach and 2 docks to fish from. Scuba Gear and charters also avaiable on site.McKinney Allen 
Coopers CoffeehouseDon't forget to enter into all of our raffles. Weekly $L cash raffle, bulk bait bucket raffle, and 100$L survey raffle.Cooper Udimo 
Danish VisionsShops, Café Coco, DV Classes, Virtual Learning Environments, Education, Denmark - Come over and hang around.Inge Qunhua 
DarkHeatAdult sim - BDSM friendly sim - good payouts - good companySeek Hyde 
DUST GardensOur beautiful gardens offer several entertainment options and photography opportunities. Please keep it PG!Phoenixdust Resident 
Ener Bing's 4th Serenity ParadiseMature, but please no nudity (residential area)Ener Bing 
Fishing Area at Rapture of Romance & Explore7 Seas FishingWinter DaxelineMore Info
Gianfar Peaks of PernDon't get trodden on by dragons, complain that the dolphins ate all your fish or get killed by Thread... it's messy.NoviPeaks ResidentMore Info
Giano Family Community Fishing SpotPG - Second Life's longest running Family Community shops and homes for rent.Ikonn GianoMore Info
Godiva 7Seas FishingRegular fishing area, no regular contests or customsEner Bing 
Grandblue sChen Resident 
Greyhaven Fishing AreaNo nudity, no stupidity, no role play, no drama. See Covenant for full rules.Grey Nacht 
Harbor Breeze Beach ClubFun, friendly beach club. Have fun and good luck fishingjeepguy56 Resident 
Houghton County Estates Public Fishing PierWe are a Family orientated public sim. Please keep your words and actions PG when fishing here.Lor Pevensey 
Hugh Enderfield´s Realm Caroline Carolina 
Ile de l'Ours FishingNew Home of Pie Island FishingGrizzly Silversmith 
Imagination No-Copy MarketFishing Area in a Market for any no-copy items: Breedables, Gacha, Farming, beYou, G&S, DFS, WeedsKrista Starlight 
Ippos Collective - Fishing PondA serene fishing area in a beautifully themed 4-sim-estate, located on a cozy island in the middle of the peaceful pond.Qayoz ResidentMore Info
Jack's House of Rock 7 Seas Fishing AreaCome relax and toss out a line while kicking back to your favorite classic rock hits at Jack's House of Rock!ArielleWatterton Resident 
Jad Darkwatch's Fishing RetreatJad Darkwatch's Fishing Retreat is a small, quiet private island - no distractions. IM Jad if you need anything!Jad Darkwatch 
Jeep's Turtle Palace/ 7 Seas FishingA small low lag fishing area (bigger lake up the hill) next to my Petables turtle/fairies/spiders/snakes/bats/ store.Jeep Streeter 
Joan's Bar & MarinaEstablished in 2003 by Harald and Joan Nomad. Home of the Nomad Dragon Fish and the special edition Valentine Luv-Fin!Joan NomadMore Info
Kittycat Auctions, Markets & MoreKittycats Market with hundreds of custom prizes & a carnival.Lady StromfieldMore Info
L&G Club Fishing Area (Japanese support)No Nudity, No Weapons, or HarassmentRufi Falta 
Lost Kidzz In Space Boat Dock finnsharkey100 Resident 
Lutra City MysteriesAdventure games, fishing, bowling, baduk, and more! Also apartment rentals and a great community. Come on by.Ilithios Liebknecht 
Lykies Lollies - Marina and Tiki BarRelax with a drink and a dance at our Tiki Bar and Marina. DJ and Dance Event every Wednesday. Fishy Fun every Friday.Lykurgus Liebknecht 
Malus Park Pier Ariana Petrova 
Meowzers FishingHOURLY CONTESTS for No-bait & Casual rods. Who does that? Once a day Cash Prize in the pot, usually 9 pm.Grizzly Silversmith 
Mermaid INNThe Mermaid INN 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly on Mondays at 5 PM and please no Child AV's or Biteing Vampires.Geno LupindoMore Info
Mieville Chesterton Feeshing AreaSteampunk sim, theme dress is optional but encouraged, all avatars including children welcome.Wyvern Dryke 
Mieville Doyle Steampunk Feeshing AreaSteampunk sim, theme dress optional, all avatars incuding children are welcome.Wyvern Dryke 
Moonshadow RisingFishing, bumper rafting, & cuddle areas. No nudity, drama, killing, or harassment.Jess Intermenos 
Mount Pengo BoAQuiet Colorado lake, with trails for horse riding and the Longest, Tallest road in SL for motorcycles.Serenity21V Resident 
NeoVictoria Fishing Fountain7 Seas Fishing at the fountain of the skymall (OOC) and on the river of the land-level (IC). This is a CCS roleplay SIM!Asil KaruMore Info
Pala Fishing AreaNo nudity, no stupidity, no role play, no drama. See Covenant for full rules.Grey Nacht 
Perrynville Feeshing DockNo nudity, no noisy attachments.Wyvern Dryke 
Phantasmagoria Village Zolton Zunimoor 
PlantPets Garden an KittyCats Hideaway Beadnstone Jewell 
R&R Swag PierR&R Swag 7 Seas Fishing Pier, Special Rares, Clothing, and More Coming Soon!Athayus QuanMore Info
Raglan Fisheries on Heron ShireWelcome to Heron Shire, part of the largest tiny community in Second Life. All welcome, prepare for CUTENESS! And fish!Chaffro SchoonmakerMore Info
Rainbow FarmsThis is a kid friendly sim so please no nudity. You can wear appropriate style swimwear. Have fun and enjoy your stay.Kynraa Resident 
relax hub & marketplace, misty PutzoMore Info
Remixx & Zita Inc. Shop/HangoutNO DRAMA! NO NUDITY! so please stay Covered upWinterPShifter ResidentMore Info
River Park Club, Games and PetsFishing, Dancing, Games..FUN, Pets For Sale! (NO NUDITY!)Valiant JewellMore Info
Riverwalk Fishing Camp & Art ParkFishing from any water area found on the Riverwalk property- find a secluded pond or fish along the riverBradder Thereian 
Riverwalk Tenjin Point Island(PG) Family friendly.PeteWyrm Thereian 
Rock Paper SistersPG Kid Friendly simsophielynne Resident 
Rockin' Robin Pier PureLife Magnifico 
Ryder lake's pierA peacefull lake where you can find silence while trying to catch fish (NO CHILD AVATAR/NUDITY)RYZOR Jefferson 
Sea Fortress PlazaBeach area Fishing Shopping Movies Bowling places to eatUnited Beck 
Seasons of Time Fishing DockPrimarily the sim is an RP sim, so if visiting the other levels please wear the OOC tag that you can get from the rezzerBio Swindlehurst 
Shangrla Fishing ClubA quiet little fishing area at The Reach; home of H's Bar! Great music from Shangrla Radio, Bistro Bar and Pool Room.scnupage Resident 
SHD/IB Fishing AreaPG area. No nudity etc.Mosley SperberMore Info
Sociaria Fishing DockA fishing dock in Sociaria for your fishing pleasurePaisley Ganesvoort 
Starlightz 7Seas Fishing AreaAccess to Shiras' Harbor and 2 full empty water sims. Plane and Boat rezzers and 7Seas Fishing!Zanthor Shiras 
Statuesque CoastNo combat, No drama, No excessive gestures, No excessive RP / ERPMartin Zufreur 
Stinson StationAuxilliary area to Our WaterfrontGrizzly Silversmith 
StoneLove Main Store & 7Seas Fishing Spot Stone MacAlpine 
Sunshine Estate Role play Sim Angeliana Cadell 
The City of Gold-Entertainment SimThe City of Gold is A Encompassing roleplay Experience. A Family Friendly Sim that is fun for the whole family!CityofGoldSL ResidentMore Info
The Dive ShopThe Dive shop is a unique underwater tour around the world. Fish at the pier and explore the magic of the oceanic life.Loly Sirnah 
The Place SissySally Resident 
The Vortex Night Club Sea Front PierThe Vortex is one of SL's oldest clubs & featured in the documentary 'Life 2.0'. All welcome.Gemini Enfield 
Unicorn Garden Auctions and Fishing hangout Unicorn SellersMore Info
Unicorn Garden Beach and fishing hangout Unicorn Sellers 
Velvet Rose Beach tylerSoCali Fang 
Vicarious Youth PondA quiet fishing pond on a residential and commercial region. Family friendly avatars and language only, please.Violet Steamweaver 
Weltenville City's FishingThe Weltenville 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly customs fish and please no Child AV's and no Biteing Vampires.Geno LupindoMore Info
Wolfraven Viking VillageThis is a Viking Ragnarok open sim with several levels of things to do. No harassment or soliciting allowed.Dagoth GravesMore Info
XD Yacht Club Marina and airfield @ TailsXD Yacht club Marina and air field offers yacht and boat slip rentals for small and large boats and yachts.DreamWeaver535 Resident 
Alba LochFamily, singles & couples-friendly,Fishing,Cafe,Rivers & Loch,bar,dancing and Restaurant NO weapons.TodALeRDALE Stine 
Aldora Isles Fishing Areapeaceful Isles to fish with vendor access, a Tropical Pre-historic-feel Scenery linked 3 regions..Seanas Alston 
Alistair-Again PondRoadside Route 8c Shop with Fuel and Lodging for your drives and 7seas Fishing to help relax while you shop.KatSunjo Resident 
Amazing Sn@tch Fish for FREE Outfit!7Seas Sn@tch Alternative Punk Gothic Clubwear Casual Sexy Mesh Clothes and More.Roblem HogarthMore Info
Angler's Utopia Sayully Noel 
Anthropology Crazy funny T-ShirtsJust a fishing area at our store. Linden ocean accessHowl Howley 
Batshit Crazy Fishing! LissaM1981 Resident 
Bliss Park 2Fishing in a calm, parklike settingZhu Juran 
Bondage City Central Park PondFishing in scenic Bondage City.Zaphod Plutonian 
Boondocks Fishing HoleHappy fishing o/Galea Yates 
Broken Pharos BayMe he mea lā ua hele mai ko ʻAigupita no ka mākaʻikaʻi ʻana ma Hawaii:PBusinka Koskinen 
Caledon DownsSteampunk lands but theme not requiredCynthia Farshore 
Calleta Shore Industry Hobo FishingIndustrial and hobo-themed fishing area in Calleta, next to Calleta Railroad Infohub.Hannah Bluemood 
Candlestick Park LagoonA layed back place to just hang out with your special someone.Marty Jacobus 
CANN!BALRegion-wide fishing at Cann!bal !sland, SL's most beautiful beach paradise since 2007.Chotaire Seelowe 
Cayman Islands Fishing Area at Rum Point PierFishing in beautiful Grand Cayman at Rum Point Pier. Don't feed the shark! Multiple fishing areas around the sim.Mia Porta 
Chai Me Up bargeThis is a steampunk sim, but all are welcome with one significant rule. Slavery is banned here.DJPiper Steampunk 
Cho Fishin Hole Zhu Juran 
City of ForeverAn Ecco the Dolphin themed hangout with 7S support!Nyverin Resident 
Clearwater Pier Ginnafer Resident 
Coastl FlowersAdult Sim for Quiet fishing experiences. no kid avis please.Draconis Nightfire 
Coffin Corner PierDocking Pier in Second Norway, Moor and go fishing!Rananarmo Resident 
Cozy Fishing areaA nice cozy fishing area.Crystal Moonlight 
Dirty Rythms Fishing Pier Richh Devin 
Dolma's Sailing, Fishing and Underwater Resort Dolma Dollinger 
Dragons Fury MCNo Naked. No Weapons. No Biting.DragonsFury2020 Resident 
FABGlitter Women's ClubWomen only; NO male avatars.Samantha PoindexterMore Info
Far Sight Nature CenterQuiet nature area with plenty of places to sit and relax. Feel free to explore.Laoran SnowpawMore Info
Fearless Fishers Landbe nice to others and have funRobotshaz Resident 
Firefly Cafe Fishing Pier SabrinaVostra Resident 
Fursona Heaven Fishing meka Gearbox 
Furzona BeachA nice little beach side on the coast of the Furzona ShoreGame WylderMore Info
Grimm Forest VillageNo entering rented homes, No flying. Friendly adult/bdsm community. Please be respectful.Satre Inglewood 
Hammock City, KY - Harbor Natkeya Kojishi 
Hilltop Rooftop Markets Frank1056 Resident 
Island Style Fishing at ValgerdEnjoy watching the dolphins as you fish in a beautiful Hawaiian island paradise. Have fun!Maka Kamala 
Juvvys Hang out and Fishing Spot Savannah Tomorrow 
KA 7 Seas FishingHome of Firelight Creations (Men's and Women's clothing) & Komotose Customs ( Motorcycles, Trucks, Cars, Full Perm Mesh)Auburn Firelight 
Karyn's Karyn Vaher 
KatzenbuchtA nice bay,at the inner Ocean,where you can catch some good fish,but watch out for pirate kittys =(~.^)=Lawinia Thorne 
Kittycat's Creations Fishin Hole an beer standcome catch some cool fisk including kudo fish...and sample some of the finest drinks in all!KittyCat NinetailsMore Info
Koala Beach Naked Wonder 
L3 DREAMS FISHING JazzyJam83 Resident 
Lake TUMC FishingBring friends and or Family for some fishing fun, ALL Bits must be covered, Children are allowed at their own risk,Lucie Scorbal 
Last Laugh FishingRelaxed fishing ...or killing zombies.... or both. It is up to you.zinzinjan Resident 
Lighthouse Fishing at KirkstoneCast your best rod at Lighthouse Fishing while listening to ENT SL Radio the fish are dancing!Piratelover22 Resident 
LIONHEART BAY CITY, Under the Bridge Lionheart MilenaMore Info
LIONHEART MUFASA, Public Beach and Fishing Center Lionheart MilenaMore Info
Little SantoriniLittle Santorini is a Greek Island community sim, you can hangout, fish, relax on the beach, jetski, & much more!Jasmine Kiyori 
Lolas Public Hangout7Seas Fishing,Lola Verwood 
Mik's 5Micro fishing spotTiny dock on my lot. may change if i expandMik Mandelbrot 
Moonlight KingdomEntire region 7Seas Fishing activated. Public areas - dance park, zombie shooting range, vendor space and storesZiMBaZa Naumova 
Natural Wilderness Jetty Lettie Lynagh 
New Toulouse BayouBonjour, y'all! This fishing spot is pretty safe, but watch out for zombies and gators if you go wandering off.Nikita WeymannMore Info
Peleliu Field Fishing HoleCasual Fishing on a small lakeCurzan Marikh 
Quiet Island FishingHave fun!Marit Static 
Rem's waterfront Rem Nightfire 
Requiem7Seas Area at Requiem. Featuring customs by RX, including MESH clothing and novelty rods.RoxyLee RaynaMore Info
Reykja Island Anileve Resident 
Ricochet Country Music Club Loki Kahanamoku 
Ritha's Hotel Fish TankCome enjoy luxury fishing in Ritha's Hotel lobby! We even have staff to help bait your hooks!Nuhai Ling 
Sarcee Fishing Dock Josaphene Serenity 
Schadenfreude FishingFishing at Schadenfreude: full of horny sea ponies and other strange thingsAllegory MalapropMore Info
Scott's Seat Fishing Hole Scott Woollahra 
Sea HavenSea Haven Has a bait shop & dock, a fishing pond and a small island or use a boat..Herbie Haven 
Serenity Gardens Waterfall Pier SabrinaVostra Resident 
Seven Seas Fishing at Zamojski! Fish NOW!Cute wearable pet fish and salvage. Come and hang out. Direct access to full SIMs of protected waterland. Swimming too!Asil Karu 
Shazzam All AccessShazzam All Accessandralynleigh Resident 
skull luxor builde eminem30 Aironaut 
Solo's Fishing HoleBrand New! Come enjoy 7Seas fishing. Please keep private parts covered. Unique Customs! Contests soon!nightingale Solo 
Somewhere in GemmedJust have fun fishing and relax!Kana Ichibara 
Sommerfeld Logistics Docks at ThyrisSmall, Relaxing spot, quiet sim. Public Aquariums to display your catches!Abel Sommerfeld 
Sommerfeld PondEverybody welcome. Come and sit by the pond, enjoy the flowers, relax...Joketsu Sommerfeld 
Strawberry FieldsA peaceful fishing spot on water access by boat or nearby airport. Seaplanes also welcome.Riley Renfew 
Sturgis Fishing AreaSturgis is an open rez sim Please be respectful of others. There is no flying or Cars allowed on the sim.Gaberiel Foulsbane 
Surrender CoveWe are an Adult, clothing-optional SIMmollycactus Skizm 
Talakin BoatyardPleasant cove with bar. Lots of open water. Original boat and other vehicle sales. Free boat available.Tegen Barzane 
TDA fishing spotA nice quiet fishing spotTigdon Resident 
Tempest's Point Fishing Dock in Caledon SpeirlingCome fish beneath the neverending storm! M sim but keep it covered. Rule sheet given at landing point.Aevalle Galicia 
The Cavern under the Cathedral Isleofwyrmsop Resident 
The Cheeky Kitty Fishing and Kittycats marketWith rare exceptions the entire sim is open to wander through. Areas with ban lines are the exception.Rayne Saltair 
The Collective Fishing LagoonA beautiful sunset lagoon for fishing, games, dancing and even orcas to ride! Zero tolerance for drama or griefing.Uuan Treves 
The Cove at Pine Valley LakeFull SIM lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and plenty of wildlife.Geo McAuley 
The Unknown Theme Park Fishing Area Miyi Nishi 
Tihuta Haven PierPoses & chairs. Explore beach or hillside. Swim or float in ocean. Ride sea turtles. Respect our neighbors. PG AreaRayvn Evermore 
Tru Colors Pier 69 Scary Jester 
ViYpers Peaceful Haven Fishing and JJ's Blues club mastercobra Viper 
Without Limits Fishing Area Web Sass 
Woodland Realm Romance Park*River Fishing Area*Relax and enjoy fishing along this lazy river. Bait available on the porch at game lodge. Fishing on both levelsJesica Halberd 
Yorkshire LandSometimes used by people playing GTFO, so please be nice to any visitors you meet.kittensusie Landar