Fishing AreaRulesOwnerCusShpConMore Info
Tempest's Point Fishing Dock in Caledon SpeirlingCome fish beneath the neverending storm! M sim but keep it covered. Rule sheet given at landing point.Aevalle Galicia 
Ailis Fishing Beach Aili Kuhn 
Aleph-null, SE WhippersnapperJust plain lovely! Come fish or play, or do both at once!Aleph Ceriaptrix 
Schadenfreude FishingFishing at Schadenfreude: full of horny sea ponies and other strange thingsAllegory MalapropMore Info
Aquafront Allthatnme Resident 
Lamia Fishing Ground Amelia Faith 
Blackrock Castle Anaiee Rae 
Wild Wood Realm PondBeautiful location set with the Wild Wood. We are a family oriented, kid friendly sim.Andralaine Koolhoven 
Butterfly Island DocksFish from a row boat, or sit at any number of picturesque areas Butterfly Island has to offer. All welcome. :-)Andromeda Raine 
The Millhouse Fishing DockLocated on the edge of a forest, this secluded beach is great for small groups looking for new scenery!AndyOxon Quandry 
Kajira Farms & Happytime Market Annakiya Andel 
Nachts LandingFishing and Kittycats!Argenta Frog 
Boardgame Beach Aries Oh 
P3 Fishing areaAn Adult Urban location near a club and mall. No Child Avatars!Arrwen Huntress 
The Southern Pride Fishing Hole! AshDuffy Resident 
NeoVictoria Fishing Fountain7 Seas Fishing at the fountain of the skymall (OOC) and on the river of the land-level (IC). This is a CCS roleplay SIM!Asil KaruMore Info
Seven Seas Fishing at Zamojski! Fish NOW!Cute wearable pet fish and salvage. Come and hang out. Direct access to full SIMs of protected waterland. Swimming too!Asil Karu 
Milkyway Island Astra Carter 
Atashi's Fishin in da Ocean!Come fishing with me on the edge of the sea. The view is unblockable, but tier is unstoppable.Atashi Toshihiko 
R&R Swag PierR&R Swag 7 Seas Fishing Pier, Special Rares, Clothing, and More Coming Soon!Athayus QuanMore Info
TIAR Atiya Baar 
KA 7 Seas FishingHome of Firelight Creations (Men's and Women's clothing) & Komotose Customs ( Motorcycles, Trucks, Cars, Full Perm Mesh)Auburn Firelight 
Steam Fair Pier Babette Upshaw 
BikerParties DocksThe SETITES 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly customs fish and please no Child AV's and no Biteing Vampires.Batista BardaschMore Info
Mysterious Island Fishing Spot Baz Engineer 
PlantPets Garden an KittyCats Hideaway Beadnstone Jewell 
Montecito Bay PierFish on the edge of the Montecito city, the IN sim for entertainment!Becky Nosferatu 
Coeur d'Alsace CampgroundRealistic 7 Region Community Sim - Boats and carriages are for public use - Human Avatars Only - No violence, no sexBedrich Panacek 
Daddy's Girl Oasis Fishing Hole Bellacatorina McKeenan 
Magic Eye Photography & Hangout 7Seas Fishing Area Ben Himanez 
London Pier in 1888Mature Victorian London with possible light D/s playBeth Steamweaver 
Blade's Blood FishingA Vampire Lake for fishing dark setting small area for shops and Kraftiesblade Alderbury 
Happy Hippo Building School & FishingHappy Hippo Building School is a public sandbox with tutorials classes shops NO Nudity NO FirearmsBosco Gray 
The Factory PierFishing pier on adult sim. Bait/Gear vendor available. Barrel/Crate seating.bpostlew Resident 
Riverwalk Fishing Camp & Art ParkFishing from any water area found on the Riverwalk property- find a secluded pond or fish along the riverBradder Thereian 
Toby's Juke Joint Fishing HoleGreat fishing area located at one of Second Life's oldest and most popular blues clubs.Brett Bertolucci 
BRM Radio Bullring BaySatellite location of BRM Radio play it loud while you fish from anywhere; docks or your own boatBRMusic ResidentMore Info
REBEL OUTLAWS COUNTRY CLUBEnjoy our live DJs as you catch your prize fishBuck Putzo 
Lake Commons Caelan Mosely 
Hugh Enderfield´s Realm Caroline Carolina 
CC's Fish FactoryCC's Fish Factory -Catch over 1200 custom fishy toys from Celeste Cazenove!Celeste CazenoveMore Info
Raglan Fisheries on Heron ShireWelcome to Heron Shire, part of the largest tiny community in Second Life. All welcome, prepare for CUTENESS! And fish!Chaffro SchoonmakerMore Info
Little Maxxis Fishing HoleNo child, child-like, or childish avatars. No gestures. And there IS nudity here.Cheyenne Sixpence 
CANN!BAL !SLANDEstate-wide fishing at SL's most beautiful beach paradise!Chotaire Seelowe 
Airy Beach ResortRelax and fish, swim or dance under the waterfalls surrounding the beach! All are welcome,no nudity. land available!Chriss Airy 
KiX Fishing SpotFishing as you chill. Whale and dolphin watch and cuddle spots, you can even dance hereCindy Evanier 
Crazy City Fishing.Adult sim. 1 rule:- Don't be a dick!clarebear Sorbet 
Coopers CoffeehouseWeekly contest starting at 1pm Sunday, and weekly hourly contests as well!Cooper Udimo 
Gill Hunters Fishing DockGill Hunters Fishing Dock has 100s of Customs, Both fish and items. We have tournaments every day at 12 and 12:30 slt.Cowboy VyperMore Info
Cozy Fishing areaA nice cozy fishing area.Crystal Moonlight 
Hidden DesiresWomen only sim.Cyberspy Resident 
Country Rose Pier #1Country Rose 7Seas FishingCymeronrayne Resident 
East River National Park & Fishing Hole daltonprock Resident 
Bored Babygirls BeachFor Bored Babygirls & Daddies. Activities, games, Beach, Daycare, and houses for rent! Zoo / Jurassic Park coming soon!DarkEnnui Resident 
DMC Marinas II: The Minnows Fishing PierFREE Beer! 18+ ONLY! NO Worn CPGs. Lets get back to the basics of fishing!Dekator Flux 
Palms Fishing Wharf & LighthouseRelaxed fishing pier. Mature sim, clothes required. Be courteous and no profanity please.Dellybean North 
True North Beach&Patio Fishing DockGreat beach and dock. Wear clothes. Act nice, put a lid on the profanity please!Dellybean North 
Beaumont Manor Fishing PondRelax and fish by our pond with ducks , swans and glorious dancing fountainsDelores Beaumont 
Shagwong Cove Resort at AmagansettCasual fishing for visitors of the resortDesire Jacques 
Southford Falls Beach & ParkNo Fighting HuD Games allowed this is a family friendly simDestiny McAuley 
Cocoa Bay Family RP Fishing Area -- BratsvilleBeautifully landscaped community with much to do, including fish! Please be over 30 days of age before entering. Enjoy!devindevin1111 Resident 
Cocoa Bay Family RP Fishing Area -- Terra LascivusBeautifully landscaped community with much to do, including fish! Please be over 30 days of age before entering. Enjoy!devindevin1111 Resident 
Cocoa Bay Family RP Fishing Area!Beautifully landscaped community with much to do, including fish! Please be over 30 days of age before entering. Enjoy!devindevin1111 Resident 
Everfriends Fishing Dilma Mills 
Lietuviskas Kampelis DJLetsPartyLT ResidentMore Info
Chai Me Up bargeThis is a steampunk sim, but all are welcome with one significant rule. Slavery is banned here.DJPiper Steampunk 
Paradox IslandTimelords welcome, need somewhere to relax then come and catch some gumblejacks and have a drink at the Pirate InnDoctor BernardMore Info
Dolma's Sailing, Fishing and Underwater Resort Dolma Dollinger 
XD Yacht Club Marina and airfield @ TailsXD Yacht club Marina and air field offers yacht and boat slip rentals for small and large boats and yachts.DreamWeaver535 Resident 
Foxdale Fishery at Haven Township Dryea Foxdale 
Ravensport DocksDocks area of Ravensport.Eagle Wilder 
Giffen's Dock @ Giffen Marina Earl Giffen 
Eden NaturopolisNAKED Fishing in 9 sims and access to another 100 simsElbag GableMore Info
South Jetty, Ziziphus SimPrivate sim but this jetty for public use, free motor boat rezzer available here.Elbag Gable 
WaterWorld SeasLovely Fishing Dock!Elese Resident 
Tiny Toes Fishing for KidsA PG sim for kids to come fishingElsbeth Latte 
Ener Bing's 4th Serenity ParadiseMature, but please no nudity (residential area)Ener Bing 
Godiva 7Seas FishingRegular fishing area, no regular contests or customsEner Bing 
Lavender FallsThis is a family rp sim so please mind your vocabulary and keep your scrips as low as possible.ErindiaWolf Resident 
Eruption Hill Evola Courtois 
Oculea ParkScenic, quiet and relaxing place to fish along the SL rail line. General sim rating.Evola Courtois 
Bryggen / Second NorwayChill out and catch some fish while watching the boats go by in the far east of the Blake SeaEy Ren 
Okina Creation fetako Aabye 
Distraida's Fishing AreaHere at DFA we have contests and customs, and accept all avatar shapes and sizes. Dress G.FishBank Resident 
Flawless Developments Fishing FlawlessDevelopments Resident 
Chaos Fishing Pond Foushh Resident 
Glashaus Beach Resort Fishing Franko Koenig 
Enchanted OasisFishing Jubilee brings you a peaceful and magical spring in the heart of the Fishii wasteland. Customs coming soon.Franz Jinn 
Norwegian Sport Fishing 1No dramas, disagreements and everything else that disturb other people's fishing. Join our fishing tournaments. Welcome.Frygg Resident 
Norwegian Sport Fishing 2No dramas, disagreements and everything else that disturb other people's fishing. Join our fishing tournaments. WelcomeFrygg Resident 
Royal Ibiza Mossms UniverseDaily Fishing at 09:00 AM Baitet , Duration 60 min. Pot begins with 500 LDFuchs Fosse 
Fishy FunRez your own seat, just take it with you! Please do not litter.Fukuju Amaterasu 
Sturgis Fishing AreaSturgis is an open rez sim Please be respectful of others. There is no flying or Cars allowed on the sim.Gaberiel Foulsbane 
Cheerport East Marina Gabrielle Chaplin 
Boondocks Fishing HoleHappy fishing o/Galea Yates 
The Allen Community [Ochi Rios] gangstarock2k7 Allen 
The VortexThe Vortex is one of SL's oldest clubs & featured in the documentary 'Life 2.0'. All welcome.Gemini Enfield 
Mermaid INNThe Mermaid INN 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly on Mondays at 5 PM and please no Child AV's or Biteing Vampires.Geno LupindoMore Info
Weltenville City's FishingThe Weltenville 7 seas area great Cash Contests weekly customs fish and please no Child AV's and no Biteing Vampires.Geno LupindoMore Info
The Cove at Pine Valley LakeFull SIM lake surrounded by snow capped mountains and plenty of wildlife.Geo McAuley 
East River FishingFishing in the East River Community, a collection of sims on the mainland with galleries, shops and musicGinnerDave Mohindi 
Royal Dead Rose Fishing Glitterstar Magic 
Greyhaven Fishing AreaNo nudity, no stupidity, no role play, no drama. See Covenant for full rules.Grey Nacht 
Pala Fishing AreaNo nudity, no stupidity, no role play, no drama. See Covenant for full rules.Grey Nacht 
Grogo's Gadgets Grogo Tungsten 
Calleta Shore Industry Hobo FishingIndustrial and hobo-themed fishing area in Calleta, next to Calleta Railroad Infohub.Hannah Bluemood 
Pink Lady CastleThis is a lesbian sim, but men are allowed at this part of the sim. Please be respectful and politeHenrika Xevion 
Sea HavenSea Haven Has a bait shop & dock, a fishing pond and a small island or use a boat..Herbie Haven 
Manuka Island HoneyBabee Duport 
Newport Keys Fishing SpotPG - Second Life's longest running Family Community shops and homes for rent.Ikonn GianoMore Info
Lutra City MysteriesAdventure games, fishing, bowling, baduk, and more! Also apartment rentals and a great community. Come on by.Ilithios Liebknecht 
Danish VisionsShops, Café Coco, DV Classes, Virtual Learning Environments, Education, Denmark - Come over and hang around.Inge Qunhua 
Hazzard County Irock Zepp 
Rosetta Stone Island Pond and PierNo verbal/physical harassment, no disrespectful words or behavior, no nudity, no heavy scripts, and no drama please.Isadoradean Rossini 
Jad Darkwatch's Fishing RetreatJad Darkwatch's Fishing Retreat is a small, quiet private island - no distractions. IM Jad if you need anything!Jad Darkwatch 
Tropical Paradise IslandWe have a variety of beautiful fishing areas to enjoy, plus freebies for group members.Jaycee Aluveaux 
The Fishing Hole at the Track and RollOpen riding sim featuring fishing, The Joint, and LPJ Motors. MC friendly and Under 30 day avi's also welcomed.Jaztone Resident 
Jeep's Turtle Palace/ 7 Seas FishingA small low lag fishing area (bigger lake up the hill) next to my Petables turtle/fairies/spiders/snakes/bats/ store.Jeep Streeter 
Moonshadow RisingFishing, bumper rafting, & cuddle areas. No nudity, drama, killing, or harassment.Jess Intermenos 
Joan's Bar & MarinaEstablished in 2003 by Harald and Joan Nomad. Home of the Nomad Dragon Fish and the special edition Valentine Luv-Fin!Joan NomadMore Info
Kicking Country Fishing JodanCooke Resident 
Happy Zone Joeey Vaher 
Happy Family Fun ParkCome and enjoy the rides, the games and spend time with your friends. Have fun. Fishing, Greedy, Rides, GamesJohhnyf Resident 
Sommerfeld PondEverybody welcome. Come and sit by the pond, enjoy the flowers, relax...Joketsu Sommerfeld 
Jorels 7Seas Fishing Area7Seas fishing, Linden/Trophy/Prize contests, gear and more.Jorel Rau 
Amaretto Ranch BoomtownAmaretto Ranch Boomtown! For Amaretto Ranch Breeders to hang out, chat, fish, dance and have a good down home time.Josaphine Cooperstone 
Alien Isles 2Alien Isles returns! Madcow Cosmos & Lorin Tone have their original customs, plus new ones for your fishing pleasure.Judi NewallMore Info
Karyn's Karyn Vaher 
Shadow Lands BeachBDSM lifestyle Community. Everyone is welcome.Katarina Erin 
ink & paint cluba formal club based on a popular movie unbaited fishing only unless you live here bounty hunt active alsokawai007 ResidentMore Info
Atlantic Fishing & Scubba Reefs - EVO/LGA HomeLGA Fishing Customs for 7Seas & EVO Corp Headquarters. Multiple Fishing.KhrysT NeoxMore Info
LGA Fishing & Scuba Reefs 3 MedivalRezzBoat Area, Rezzing AllowedKhrysT NeoxMore Info
Fishing at The Readers Nook Library & Coffee CafeCozy garden and fishing hole with library and café nestled in the sky above. Film soundtracks serenade your visit.Kianan Ocello 
Castaway ParadiseCustom items and great shopping. Please read websitefishing TOS before fishing.Kitsune LassiterMore Info
Kittycat's Creations Fishin Hole an beer standcome catch some cool fisk including kudo fish...and sample some of the finest drinks in all!KittyCat NinetailsMore Info
Imagination BeachRecycled & custom Papillon Breedables and gacha prizes! Dump your junk in our recycle bin.KristaHarrelson Resident 
Rainbow city Fishing AreaContest will be held from time to timeLadykathrya47 Resident 
The Kingdom of Steelwood Fishing PierMedieval Fantasy Roleplay Sim with daily contests and customs. Everyone welcome. No child avis and no nudity.Laura PolkeMore Info
KatzenbuchtA nice bay,at the inner Ocean,where you can catch some good fish,but watch out for pirate kittys =(~.^)=Lawinia Thorne 
Natural Wilderness Jetty Lettie Lynagh 
HeckMusic. (Indie Electronic Rock Gothic New Wave Glam Punk Metal Rap) Weird. Surreal. Awesome. Lexa Pro DJs. You enjoy.Lexa ProMore Info
Firelands - The Foresta Harbor CommunityForesta Marina community has houses, boat slips, and helipads for rent. Access to a Linden Road, Airport and the BlakeLillyDD ResidentMore Info
LIONHEART BAY CITY, Under the Bridge Lionheart MilenaMore Info
LIONHEART MUFASA, Public Beach and Fishing Center Lionheart MilenaMore Info
Tradewinds Yacht Club Liv Leigh 
Aya's Fish-o-ramapick up a dinghy at the docks and make your way to the ruins !Logan Catronis 
Orn Bay Kerbehram EstateOpen to all, come have fun and fish.Logan Leissa 
Logan's RunScenic London-esque city reservoir surrounded by waterfalls. Shopping & entertainment. Unlimited, silent cast, PG-13.Logan Porterfield 
The Big Backyard Lowden Resident 
Fantasy Fishing LunaRavencroft Resident 
Lykies Lollies - Marina and Tiki BarRelax with a drink and a dance at our Tiki Bar and Marina. DJ and Dance Event every Wednesday. Fishy Fun every Friday.Lykurgus Liebknecht 
Wander LustWander Lust is a family friendly sim with Shopping and rentals availablemagi3 Resident 
Noize Sektor 7seas Fish SpotIt's Icy here! I have a bait vendor and still setting this area up Dec 2017.mahtala ResidentMore Info
Pruetti Moonbase Fishing Crater Maka Kamala 
Bay City Canal FishingFish the canals of Bay City in Imaginario! All are welcome!Marianne McCann 
Cheep Cheep Landing at LivingtreeA nice general rated and kid/family friendly fishing area in a beautiful private estate.Marianne McCannMore Info
Darling ResortResidential Adult Sim - No Child AVs PermittedMarkham Weatherwax 
Skye Condos fishing area on * THORSTAR * beach MartAnthony Varmint 
Statuesque CoastNo combat, No drama, No excessive gestures, No excessive RP / ERPMartin Zufreur 
Candlestick Park LagoonA layed back place to just hang out with your special someone.Marty Jacobus 
Desires Island - 7Seas Fishing AreaCome and enjoy your stay. Jet Skis and boats that you can use or just relax on the beach.Mash Mandala 
Cloud Dancer Airfield, Seaplane Port, and MarinaBeautiful coastal Fly-in location with a beach and 2 docks to fish from. Scuba Gear and charters also avaiable on site.McKinney Allen 
Lost Paradise Isle Fishing PierFishing Pier on a quiet Lost IslandMegannHunt Resident 
Fursona Heaven Fishing meka Gearbox 
Artemis Bay 7Seas Fishing Merlyn Hern 
Coon and kitty's Hooked on Fishing metta Botanical 
Cayman Islands Fishing Area at Rum Point PierFishing in beautiful Grand Cayman at Rum Point Pier. Don't feed the shark! Multiple fishing areas around the sim.Mia Porta 
Dutch Fawns Micha76 Resident 
Legolas Fishing Spot Midnattsdotter Fride 
Mik's 5Micro fishing spotTiny dock on my lot. may change if i expandMik Mandelbrot 
The Unknown Theme Park Fishing Area Miyi Nishi 
Israelites Horde Family Land234, 61, 21Moses McConach 
SHD/IB Fishing AreaPG area. No nudity etc.Mosley SperberMore Info
Fruit Islands - B&BFruit Islands B&B. Resident bed and breakfast island. Hang out, 7Seas Fishing, row boats available.MsLadyJewel Zsigmond 
Koala Beach Naked Wonder 
Cana-Dabis FishingQuiet and peaceful fishing, in a secluded wooded valley. Back to nature.Newom0Fubar Resident 
Solo's Fishing HoleBrand New! Come enjoy 7Seas fishing. Please keep private parts covered. Unique Customs! Contests soon!nightingale Solo 
New Toulouse BayouBonjour, y'all! This fishing spot is pretty safe, but watch out for zombies and gators if you go wandering off.Nikita WeymannMore Info
Jewels Islands Fishing Pier Nikolina Vella 
Gianfar Peaks of PernDon't get trodden on by dragons, complain that the dolphins ate all your fish or get killed by Thread... it's messy.NoviPeaks ResidentMore Info
Spaceport Nutopia PondOut of this world fishing at Spaceport Nutopia's pond located directly across from Ritha's Hotel on the upper level!Nuhai Ling 
Destiny Fishers at HogbackPG Sim. No bloodlines, no nudity. Please be respectful and courteous.Oriyn Destiny 
Mo Graidh Fishing PierWell stocked, no bite zone, no drama, clothing optional. Just a nice, peaceful, fun placeP3t3 Feller 
Clearwater Fishing Spot Pachy Artis 
CL mini tugboat fishing holefun 7seas fishing on CL simPacManott Resident 
Sociaria Fishing DockA fishing dock in Sociaria for your fishing pleasurePaisley Ganesvoort 
Koala Estates Office Paulus Woller 
Riverwalk Tenjin Point Island(PG) Family friendly.PeteWyrm Thereian 
Why Not? Home & Garden FurnitureCompetition. Friendly,Fun.Cash Prizes,Store Gifts,Join us at The {Why Not?] Home & Garden FurniturePhil Setner 
Always Island ResortCouples-friendly, clothing-optional resort (Moderate). Fishing, boating, beaches, pub, dancing, live events and more.Pinque Bluebird 
Aquila BeachA tropical steampunk island with fishing and surfing.Polenth Yue 
Papa's Fishing Hole Poser Turbo 
Ippos Collective - Fishing PondA serene fishing area in a beautifully themed 4-sim-estate, located on a cozy island in the middle of the peaceful pond.Qayoz ResidentMore Info
Serenity Peak Secret Beach(7S) 7Seas Fishing, Tiki, Music. Chill, fish, enjoy with friends in our family friendly environment. All Are Welcome!QueenBVendetta Resident 
TITANIC Island FISHINGCatch Of The Day Is Here - Re enactment of the tragic sinking!Ra Charming 
Odessa DocksOdessa Docks is located on the beautiful Odessa Club Resort, an Adult-oriented space of beach front property..Rahkyt Pontoppidan 
Glint jewelry fishing docksA different full set of jewelry each week, fish out each item of the set. Come fish out some free jewelryrainbow FairymeadowMore Info
Rabbits LakeRainimal-SS Area42, Home of the Rainimal-SS living CrittersRainO Tenk 
The Cheeky Kitty Fishing and Kittycats marketWith rare exceptions the entire sim is open to wander through. Areas with ban lines are the exception.Rayne Saltair 
Rem's waterfront Rem Nightfire 
Strawberry FieldsA peaceful fishing spot on water access by boat or nearby airport. Seaplanes also welcome.Riley Renfew 
Amazing Sn@tch Fish for FREE Outfit!7Seas Sn@tch Alternative Punk Gothic Clubwear Casual Sexy Mesh Clothes and More.Roblem HogarthMore Info
Bay City Park PlazaBay City Park Plaza Apartments. PG SimRoc PlutonianMore Info
Ghoststars fishing pond Rocko Ghoststar 
Rage Harbor Rocko Ghoststar 
Requiem7Seas Area at Requiem. Featuring customs by RX, including MESH clothing and novelty rods.RoxyLee RaynaMore Info
L&G Club Fishing Area (Japanese support)No Nudity, No Weapons, or HarassmentRufi Falta 
Area at Wings Golf ClubEnjoy Fishing at the Wings Golf ClubRufus Breuer 
Rugs Fishing Pond and Delta Blues Rug Halberd 
Ryder lake's pierA peacefull lake where you can find silence while trying to catch fish (NO CHILD AVATAR/NUDITY)RYZOR Jefferson 
FABGlitter Women's ClubWomen only; NO male avatars.Samantha PoindexterMore Info
Somnia Fishing Hole.: Somnia :. fishing can be done from anywhere in the store. Have fun & Good Luck!!Sanura SnowpawMore Info
Syren's Lounge & PierSyren's is a D/s lounge! The lounge is located in Syren's Pier which offers hang out spots, relaxing fishing.Satre Inglewood 
Rubber Rose ClubAdultsayana Harvy 
Scott's Seat Fishing Hole Scott Woollahra 
Sinfully Seddy Fishing AreaCome and enjoy the relaxing courtyard and fish for hours and maybe get some shopping in.sedated Constantine 
H-Love SEMaster Aftermath 
7Seas Fishing HeadquartersThe original 7Seas fishing area! Drop by to see our dock designs, aquariums, and catch Flotsam Beach customs.Seven ShikamiMore Info
SPANKED Shayna Korobase 
Swan Hotel fishing area Sheridan Barth 
Smugglers Outpost Fishing Sidd Planer 
TouryuumonRelaxing Environment, to chill and fish - custom prizes availableSilverfox RainbowMore Info
The Place SissySally Resident 
The Black Tie BeachWelcome to The Black Tie Beach & Resort. Set on an adult sim there are so many things to do as well as FISHING!!!tSlythorn Wylder 
Realm of the Fae Kitty FishingFamily Friendly, No Nudity, feel free to explore the nearby forest and waterfall, fishing covers the entire area,Softpaw SommerMore Info
Belles Fishin Spot Spiderella Crystal 
AKK Horse RanchThis is a PG region, No Weapons, No VehichlesSpritely PixelMore Info
Delphi Marina Fishing Stan Souther 
Fireland's Pond Stangl Sabra 
Bay Ridge Fishing HoleOur local fishing hole, surrounded by a lovely, homey neighborhood.Stevie Basevi 
StoneLove Main Store & 7Seas Fishing Spot Stone MacAlpine 
RainStorm GardenA beautiful pond to sit & relax. With someone special or by yourself. Take a look in the store while you fish!Stormy Snowfield 
Bascom SeasideSea of Fables Fishing placesunnysin Clary 
Scarborough Falls Suzetta Moonites 
Isle of Summers ResortBeautiful luxury resort, romance, fishing, stunning island views and tons of fishing space.Synthetyc Summers 
Eighth Sea Space Fishing!Come fish somewhere *REALLY* different!TaraLi Jie 
Valomeri: Pirate Safe HubSL's ONLY Pirate HUB! Gorean/bdsm/pirate. OOC, safezone. Dress as you like or not at all. Adult Avi only! No child play.TaSheba Davi 
Carnal Oasis Fishing AreaNo Child avatars Sorry.Ted McKenna 
Teddytunts Fishing Club Teddytunt Resident 
Talakin BoatyardPleasant cove with bar. Lots of open water. Original boat and other vehicle sales. Free boat available.Tegen Barzane 
Tessie's Fishin' HoleSwamp Fishing. Custom catches by Devilishly Deviant DesignsTess Zimer 
Club SunStoneAdult sim, no nudity or over use of foul language allowedThealtSunStone Resident 
Dunkin' Donuts of Bay CityCome hang out at Dunkin' Donuts, grab your coffee & donuts then drop a line in the canals.TheBadmagic Resident 
Alba LochFamily, singles & couples-friendly,Fishing,Cafe,Rivers & Loch,bar,dancing and Restaurant NO weapons.TodALeRDALE Stine 
Tristan Alenquer Manor Fishing & ShoppingGeneral rated SIM. Fishing, shopping, castle, horse & carriage rides, Irish pub, and much more. Kid avatars welcome.Tristan Alenquer 
Frog On A Log Fishing Area Tristie Darkrose 
North Sea Fishing PierWe're between the North Sea & Eden Naturist Estate. Rez & take advantage of 100+ water sims. Clothing optional!Triton Sands 
Babygirl Skygardens CoveBABYGIRL SKYGARDEN COVETxchic51 ResidentMore Info
Velvet Rose Beach tylerSoCali Fang 
China Beach @ Veterans IsleWelcome to China Beach Veterans Isle. Code of Conduct atop Contest Board (NO Explosive Rods please). Sandbox available.USMVCassistingmgr Resident 
River Park Club And PetsFishing, Dancing, Games..FUN, Pets For Sale! (NO NUDITY!)Valiant Jewell 
Fishing at Vicarious YouthG rated sim - no nudity, bdsm poses, leashes, or other adult only behavior or language.Violet Steamweaver 
Paradise FishingTropical Gothic Setting, couple-friendly, clothing-optional sim, Adult (No child avies or tinys).VylanaDragos Resident 
XL Movies DVDs Unlimited Views Fishing Area Web Sass 
Amnesia CoveVery adult, clothing optional region. Adults only.Will Galuptra 
Mieville Chesterton Feeshing AreaSteampunk sim, theme dress is optional but encouraged, all avatars including children welcome.Wyvern Dryke 
Mieville Doyle Steampunk Feeshing AreaSteampunk sim, theme dress optional, all avatars incuding children are welcome.Wyvern Dryke 
AVM Breedable Pets MarketHave Fun!!! Feel free to explore ...Zanyrob Merryman 
Bliss Park 1Quiet fishing in a park-like settingZhu Juran 
Bliss Park 2Fishing in a calm, parklike settingZhu Juran