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Last updated April 19, 2008. We're open! Party announced below. Also, see the map below.
  • WingFling 2008 is a festival for wing creators and fans in Second Life.
  • The festival is open from Saturday April 19th to Sunday the 27th in the Platinum region.
  • Wing fans, you can join the "WingFling" group for news leading up to and through the event.
  • We'll have a wingy end-of-festival party on Sunday the 27th from 6 to 8 SLT -- DJ Seven Shikami -- be there! :)
  • Contact Jen Shikami with any questions.
  • If you'd like to help promote or blog the event, here's a link graphic you can use. Thanks!

Map of the festival

Click to teleport to the Platinum region.

For wing vendors

Please only sell wings and wing-related items at the festival. :) You could post a sign describing the other things available at your main shop, though!

I'm not trying to turn a profit off of this festival. I just think it'll be good for us, collectively! Any money I make off of booth fees that goes above and beyond the $40,000 cost of the sim rental will be donated to Child's Play. Here's how booths will work:

  • Cost is $1,000 per booth for the length of the festival. Due when the reservation is placed. (See note below about profits.)
    • Since it's first come, first served for reservations, please reserve A.S.A.P.!
    • There are still booth spaces available. Then I'll start a wait list.
    • A booth is 20 meters wide by 10 high and 10 deep. You can reserve more than one if you want; I'll group them together.
    • Each booth will grant you 100 prims to build vendors with, or 100 256x256 textures, whichever comes first. For reference, a 512x512 texture = 4 256x256 textures. I'm trying to keep texture weight down to avoid lag.
    • Also to avoid lag, please don't use temp rezzers or actively flapping or animated objects (beyond those worn by visitors!)
    • It's not required, but I suggest sticking with single-prim vendors. That way people can easily see all your wares at once after the textures load, rather than having to page through a multi-vendor. If you do use a multi-vendor, please set it to silent or whisper mode.
    • Please, no hovertext on shared (side) walls.
    • Please, no passive landmark or notecard givers. Instead, I suggest including a prim in your booth that they can click for a landmark to your main shop.
    • I can send you a notecard-giving poster to promote the event in your shop!
  • Set-up will be all day Friday the 18th. I'll check booths as they go up to make sure they meet the guidelines above.